Current Projects

The Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation promotes socio-economic development primarily within Central Meru, Kenya by developing and supporting projects of education/literacy, health care/nutrition, and resource management training.

Tax-free donations can be made to any of these projects through our stateside partner, Seeds of Grace. Be sure to annotate which program(s) you wish your donations to fund. Click here to visit Seeds of Grace.


Education and Literacy Projects

School Libraries

  • Kaaga Primary School
  • Kaaga School for the Deaf – Community Library

Promotional Library Activities

  • Activities to raise awareness about the libraries and the resources they hold as well as increase the number of daily visitors
  • Reading Barazas: held during school holidays at Kaaga Primary School Library

Educational Scholarships/Sponsorships

  • Annual school fees including books, uniforms, and room and board (for boarding schools)

Health Care and Nutrition Projects

Baby Formula Donations to Meru District Hospital

  • Benefit premature babies of mothers who cannot afford to buy formula as well as malnourished children under the age of 6 months

School Feeding Programs (in times of drought)     

  • The feeding programs are targeted at schools which have been hardest hit by drought.  Students are asked to carry lunch to school, but many come without as their families do not have food to give them.  It isn’t uncommon for students to drop out of school in search of food or work or to move in with relatives who can afford to feed them.  The feeding programs help students remain in school rather than dropping out.  The programs provide a bowl of Borabora Nutri Mix, a type of nutritious porridge, to each student during their break time for the entire term.  School enrollment rates began to rise within the first couple of weeks after the advent of each new program.
  • Schools benefiting:
    • Ribui Primary (216 beneficiaries)
    • Karima Primary (254 beneficiaries)
    • Kathithi Primary (746 beneficiaries)
    • Ngiine Pry School (Past beneficiary)

Health Clubs

  • Teach students at local schools basic health information including everything from personal hygiene to HIV/AIDS.  The clubs promote healthy lifestyles among the students.
  • Schools benefiting:
    • Kaaga Primary
    • Ngiine Pry School
    • Kathiithi Pry school

Toilet Construction Projects

    • Construction of pit latrines to improve sanitation at local public primary schools
    • Schools benefiting:
      • Kaaga Primary
      • Karima Primary
      • Kathithi Primary
      • Ribui Primary
      • Ngiine Primary

Feed A Granny Program (in times of drought)

  • Provides two months worth of food to elders in the community.  Each received for each month: 2kgs porridge, 4kgs flour, 1L cooking oil, and 2kgs beans.
  • Groups benefiting:
    • Wendo Bwa Ekuru Na Akuru (36 men and women)
    • Mazingira Upendo (under Zippora) (32 women)

Past projects

  • Health Baraza (Camp) – Volunteers provide free medical check-ups and treatment, training in proper nutrition, prevention of malaria, de-worming, oral hygiene, safe sanitation, and other health issues
  • Free medical care for at least 10,000 people in various locations in the community. Estimated Cost (medications, supplies, transportation, tents, food): $5500
  • School improvements – installation of pit latrines, cement flooring, water tank (for drinking water)
  • Mosquito net distribution
  • Free eye clinics

Resource Management

Makena Textiles

  • Promotes financial independence for women through skilled trade-weaving textiles. MKMF offers marketing support and promotion.

Past projects

  • Environmental Conservation – Planting of trees within schools (Kaaga Primary & Kathithi Primary)
  • Environmental Conservation – work with Mazingira women projects on tree planting and banana fiber basket